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Sessions valid for residents of South Queensferry Only!
Future Gym Bootcamp will last 8 weeks – 5 days on and 2 days off. Each session will last 45 minutes. This session will include running, body weight drills, core work, weighted runs. The great thing about our outside Bootcamps is that there is only 1 client with the instructor. This enables the instructor to focus on you and your progress, to give you the motivation you want. Too many people at a session will spread the instructor’s focus.
The system Future Gym has in place will enable you to track any workouts you have completed outside your booked sessions. You can also track your body mass, measurements, and body fat to see your own progress. You can book your sessions yourself in advance and re-schedule these around your busy lifestyle. We understand life and work can sometimes challenge our wellbeing goals. In case of injury, illness, etc., you have the flexibility to move your sessions around within a 12 week period.
I am a man of quality not quantity. There are only 6 of these packages available. When they’re  gone they’re gone.
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40 x 45 Minutes 12 Weeks £34.00


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